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split type self-aligning roller group (two-way)

belt conveyor in the course of operation due to manufacture, installation, climate, material, life and other reasons of interference, tape deviation is a common fault. belt deviation on the safe operation of the conveyor has a huge impact, ranging from jitter caused by conveyor, spreading material phenomenon, will cause equipment damage caused by security incidents.

as one of the adjustment means, the application of self-aligning idler group adjustment tape deviation is essential.

in the past, there have been many improvements to the aligning roller, but the effect is far from the expectation. especially in the two-way running conveyor, the existing self-aligning roller group or large volume, complex structure, easy to damage; or reliability and sensitivity is inadequate, will not have the effect.

according to this situation, our company designed this series of aligning roller group, can be installed in a variety of specifications and forms of belt conveyor. including the upper beam, rotary column, the next beam, to change the lever, spring and spring columns, vertical roller, brake shoes. the upper beam and the lower cross beam are connected through the rotary column and can swing and swing; the damper roller is mounted on the upper beam through the rotating body, and the spring seat on the upper spring seat is passed through the spring column cover on the spring end face; as the belt deviation, , and the swinging arm connected to the damper presses the change lever by the spring to push the spring rod, thereby raising the brake shoe to brake the rotating roller. at this time the side of the roller relative to the tape resistance increases, the tape forward movement force, driven by the beam, the roller rotation direction and the tape running direction to produce an angle, causing the tape to move in the opposite direction.

this series of self-aligning roller group has the following advantages:

1, the roller brake force comes from the belt running force, the tape does not deviation does not produce braking force.

2, the roller brake force given by the spring, the intensity can be controlled, does not produce severe friction, and the spring for the prestressed way to install, the sensitivity is very high.

3, the roller has a certain range of swing, under the action of the spring force can be soft on the tape to produce a thrust, to correct a certain role.

4, by the brake side of the roller relative to the tape to produce the hysteresis, is conducive to the other side of the tape to the front and lateral movement.

5, idler with our company designed ah-type structure of the roller, long life; and the same as the normal section roller, without special order.

6, this series of roller group suitable for installation in any form, any size of the one-way, two-way running conveyor. and the normal roller group installation of the same size, installation is very convenient.

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