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founded in the early 1990s, mr. liu guanglun, the founder of the company, is engaged in the transportation machinery and equipment manufacturing for more than 40 years. he has rich professional r & d ability and experience, and obtained 7 national invention patents. the company occupies 20,000 square meters, 35 employees, two senior engineers, senior technicians 8, the total assets of 20 million yuan, the production of roller, drum 200,000, various equipment stent 50,000 sets (sets), the output value 30 million yuan. companies from the tianjin port 150 kilometers away from huanghua port 60 kilometers, the traffic is very convenient.

roller, roller roller, roller group, unloader, sweepers, and other top-five series over 40 varieties, independent research and development roller roller, the use of maze, double-contact seal and unique assembly of card, with high precision, long service life and other characteristics. company commitment, under normal circumstances roller roller service life of 50,000 hours.

relying on technological progress to enhance market competitiveness, with equipment specifications to ensure product quality and stability, the company independently design and production of roller roller production line, the use of roller tube processing only mouth, bearing flanging with double-headed automatic welding process, to achieve the production automation, standardization, reducing the technical dependence on workers, improve production efficiency and product quality.

to ensure product quality, the company established a set of product quality management system, and in 2009 passed the iso9001: 2008 international quality standard certification, a good product quality and reputation, the company won the trust of international businessmen and praise, the company has canada, australia, zambia, vietnam and other countries more than 10 customers to establish a long-term relations of cooperation.

strive for excellence, dedication to the community "business philosophy, with the brand to capture the market, with sincere service to win customers. welcome new and old customers throughout the visit.

company profile-凯发k8官方网站

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contact: manager liu

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