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high-energy beam heat treatment of roller seals: is a local surface modification technology. the use of heat sources are laser, electron beam, ion beam, spark, ultra-high frequency induction shock, solar and synchrotron radiation. improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece.

first, the high-energy beam heat treatment in the metal profile of residual compressive stress.

thus heating speed, cooling speed is also fast, high power density, the role of short time. the degree of superheat and subcooling is greater than the conventional heat treatment, disposal of the general situation after the hardness of 5 ~ 10hrc higher than the conventional treatment without mechanical stress.

second, beam beam of high energy beam is small, high-energy beam heating is non-contact heating.

heat affected zone is very small; high-energy beam heating and cooling quickly, thermal stress is small, so the workpiece deformation. austenite growth and the diffusion of carbon atoms and alloy atoms are inhibited, due to heating speed, access to refined and superfine tissue profiles. as the high energy beam area is small, high-energy beam heat treatment by the workpiece itself cooling quenching. the heat capacity of the metal itself is sufficient to allow the treated profile to be quenched to ensure complete martensitic transformation and to obtain cryptocrystalline martensite. quenching also inhibits the precipitation of carbides, thereby reducing the impact of brittle phase.

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