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 the roller accessories can play an important role and value in the use of idlers, which can assist the use and maintenance of idlers and help the users to play an important role and value in the maintenance of idlers.

roller parts production and processing precision mainly refers to the shell and the roller ends of the concentricity of the hole and the axial size of the parts of the machining accuracy. if the concentricity is too poor, will cause the bearing to kill, increase resistance and reduce the service life; if the axial size of the part is too large error, will form a larger axial clearance, resulting in axial movement, destruction of lubrication and sealing; installation quality is not good, will occur deviation, bite cards, increased wear, greatly reducing the roller life. how to properly arrange the rollers and design the proper spacing of roller groups to reduce the number of rollers, reduce the price of the whole machine, reduce the investment, operation and maintenance costs, improve the economic efficiency, the processing technology of roller is an important aspect.

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